Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 – Roblox Game

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 made by a player named PlatinumFive.

The primary mode of the game is to attack  your enemies  while evading, defending  or rescuing  hostages. and you will not get easily bored since the mad is not small and there are different  types of battlefield like mountain,m desert,cities and forest.


Watch there the trailer of this Roblox Game:

What is the fastest way to get stars in Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5?

Attain 10,000 EXP, the equivalent of killing 200 AI enemies in PVE Gamemodes, killing 100 players in PVP, stealing 25 enemy duffle bags (which can be found it the garage at Mountain), or stealing 17 trucks or helicopters (which can be found at camps). This is always the problem for people or gamer around, ether mobile games or  Roblox games beside game in roblox can be play either in  phones or computer and  players really don’t have to patient to reach some amount to upgrade their level or their weapon that is why they are always asking some question like this . my answer is there is no way to  quickly  increase your starts in this game. You need to keep on playing it until you have enough stars and  upgrade your  character like buying some weapon or equipment.

What is the best pistol in Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5?

Use this The Deagle  this can really input great damage to enemies.

Are there planes in Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5?


You might be asking some question is advance and you wanted to attack the enemies with the help of air vehicles and you can only obtain  this airplane once you reach at 5 stars which is take some time . just keep attacking  and rescuing. also if youre too lazy to do that. why not use money to buy robux and upgrade everyting easily but i am not sure how much money you can spend on the game. If you want to quickly be included in the leaderboard.

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